Jan 18

Artist Reception - Diane K. Browne

6:00 pm — 8:00 pm

Join us for our quarterly Artist Reception, where we are showcasing the work of Diane K. Browne.

Artist Statement:

This exhibition encompasses various people my husband, Geoff, and I have encountered on our travels. Whenever possible, we have engaged locals in conversations that resulted in great insight to their lives and locales. I have worked at capturing the essence as well as the likeness of each individual. The human face has 43 muscles, so if you get a few wrong, it changes the entire facial expression!

I conversed with almost everyone depicted in this display and am richer for the inspiration derived from the extraordinary people that have shared their stories. And, sharing unifies us, helping to dissolve the barriers of culture, gender, race, and place, connecting us as one in humanity.

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