Sep '19 18

Homeschool Days: Monarchs and More!

10:00 am — 12:00 pm

Sibley Nature Center’s Homeschool Days is a program devoted to providing hands-on lessons for students in homeschools to engage with nature and develop a greater understanding of our natural world. 


Registration is required for this program. There is a $4 cost for each student.  Programs typically include an outdoor portion so dress appropriately for the weather.


Parents may choose to drop-off, however all parents are welcome to stay at any point.


Homeschool Days will be offered in the Fall and Spring. 

September: Monarchs & More! (ages 5-10)

Register today here!

There is currently a max of 15 students per program. This is so Sibley may offer quality lessons and activities to those who participate. Please understand our desire to do our best. If you were not able to register for this program be on the look out for October's! 

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