Monthly Fun Fact!

Did you know that arthropods are the most numerous and diverse animal groups which includes insects, spiders, crustaceans, and their kin?! 

More than 80% of all animal life on Earth is some type of arthropod. Arthropods vary in shape, size, and function. Due to their typical small size, and often ability to fly, they are able to inhabit even the most harsh environments. Sibley Nature Center encourages you and your family to take a step out into the garden, or along the Sibley trails, and see what types of arthropods you can spot! 

Craft of the Month

Upcycle Pumpkin!

Do you or a friend use a Keurig coffee machine in the mornings? 
To reduce your waste, there are loads of upcycle crafts! This pumpkin upcycle craft uses the Keurig disposable cups to turn into adorable pumpkins for Fall decorations (you can even string them together to make an awesome pumpkin garland)!

Visit HERE for more information on how to create your upcycled pumpkins!

Looking for something fun to do outside? Below you'll find some helpful tips for Bird watching, a list of fun activities to do outside, and more!

Go Outside & Play


Look for animal tracks in the mud
Count the number of butterflies you see
Take a walk and try to identify the birds in your area
Go to the Duck Pond and practice your best duck call
Study the bark of a tree with a magnifying glass and see what might be living inside the tree
Go outside and sit quietly, listen for animal sounds
Flip over rocks and search for lizards
Practice Backyard Birding


Make nature art with things you found in your backyard
Do Sibley Nature Center's Scavenger Hunt
Find five leaves that are different colors or shapes
Make a leaf print using rocks & paint
Plant a seed and watch it grow
Play in the dirt! Make mud pies!


Visit the Fiddle Sticks Farms
Learn how to use a compass
Explore a local park or the Sibley Nature Center
Take a bike ride on the Sibley Nature Center Trails
Make an outdoor resort for all your toys
Play I SPY using only clues that describe nature