Monthly Trivia Answer

The answer is Pyrrhuloxia!

This bird might have a confusing name (pronounced pie-rue-lock-sea-ah), but it sure does look a lot like the more familiar Northern Cardinal. This makes sense because they are very closely related. While the Northern Cardinal can be found in the East and Southwest states, the Pyrrhuloxia is only found in the Desert Southwest and Mexico. This bird looks like a Cardinal that put on a gray jacket, and has a more curved bill. They love to hang out in bushy cover like mesquite, and eat mostly seeds and large insects. This is a beautiful and tough bird that can stand the heat of the Chihuahuan Desert.

Northern Cardinal on left and Pyrrhuloxia on right

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Craft of the Month

Constellation Projector

It is hard for little ones to stay up late enough to see the constellations that dazzle in our night sky. Even when you do stay up late the city lights make the stars very hard to see. Here is a way to make your own constellations that can shine any time you want them to. Use some paper, push pins, cardboard tubes, a flashlight and imagination to make your very own constellations at home. Follow this link to discover how to make sparkling stars in your living room.

Looking for something fun to do outside? Below you'll find some helpful tips for Bird watching, a list of fun activities to do outside, and more!

Go Outside & Play


Look for animal tracks in the mud
Count the number of butterflies you see
Take a walk and try to identify the birds in your area
Go to the Duck Pond and practice your best duck call
Study the bark of a tree with a magnifying glass and see what might be living inside the tree
Go outside and sit quietly, listen for animal sounds
Flip over rocks and search for lizards
Practice Backyard Birding


Make nature art with things you found in your backyard
Do Sibley Nature Center's Scavenger Hunt
Find five leaves that are different colors or shapes
Make a leaf print using rocks & paint
Plant a seed and watch it grow
Play in the dirt! Make mud pies!


Visit the Fiddle Sticks Farms
Learn how to use a compass
Explore a local park or the Sibley Nature Center
Take a bike ride on the Sibley Nature Center Trails
Make an outdoor resort for all your toys
Play I SPY using only clues that describe nature