Sibley Detectives

Sibley has something fun for you to do every time you come!

Just download this sheet, its full of fun ideas to help you investigate some of the common plants and animals of the Llano Estacado which are found right on our very own Sibley Trails.


1. Download Sibley Detectives

2. Print Sibley Detectives and bring it with you on your visit to Sibley Nature Center

3. As you go on the trail start filling in the spaces with what you already know about that certain topic.

4. Look on the signs on the trails for information on that specific topic

5. Once you've filled out all information on the paper, turn it in to the Education Coordinator for a prize!

Click the link below to open a printer-friendly page to bring with you on your visit to the Sibley Nature Center.

Come on, let's check it out!